Artist Statement

The uniqueness of my fiber art developed from my passions for baskets, horses and Spanish metal work. My adoration for baskets was cultivated at childhood when on Saturday mornings in Argentina I would wait with excitement for a horse drawn basket cart to pass in front of our house. As it approached I would run out of the house and admire the utilitarian baskets piled high on the cart. My enthusiasm for horses has always been with me ever since I can remember and I have always had them in my life. Since living in the southwest I have become intrigued by early silver and tinwork done by the Spaniards. My art reveals a personal interpretation of these multicultural interests and my environment.

My horsehair hand stamped sterling silver baskets are contemporary in nature and traditional in materials. I use a coiled basketry technique with creative designs and imaginative sterling silver metal work. The basketís shapes vary depending on the original hand stamped sterling silver, which serve as a base for the horsehair bundles.


I’m the one tickling the horse.